Learn astronomy from leading research scientists across the globe!​

From the University of Toronto to the University of Cambridge, astronomers at the frontier of space research and exploration are set to speak at the Astronomy and Space Exploration Society’s 17th annual symposium — themed “Mysteries of the Universe” — from February 15–17.

Learn from accomplished research scientists including Dr. Anastasia Fialkov, senior research fellow with the Kavli Institute at the University of Cambridge; Dr. Marc Kamionkowski, professor of theoretical physics & astronomy at Johns Hopkins University; and Dr. Chris Impey, professor of astronomy at the University of Arizona. Read more about the speakers.

The astronomy symposium — exploring research on black holes, dark matter, and dark energy — will be streamed online with the opportunity to ask questions. Highlights include lectures, a dark matter discussion, and an astrophotography workshop.

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Purchase tickets at $5 CAD per person, with free admission for post-secondary students (student number required for verification). You can also enter our annual raffle for a chance to win a cool prize! Raffle prize details will be coming soon.

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The Astronomy and Space Exploration Society is an undergraduate-run not-for-profit that creates events with University of Toronto astronomers to educate, excite, and inspire you to discover more about our universe. We’ve been running astronomy events for the public since 2003.

You can contact us at [email protected] if you have questions about the symposium. You can also stay in touch with our social media accounts below.

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